Dustless Technologies H0601 DustDroid 600 HEPA Industrial Vacuum for Fine Dust - Concrete

Dustless Technologies H0601 DustDroid 600 HEPA Industrial Vacuum for Fine Dust - Concrete
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The Dustdroid 600 is designed for capturing the extra fine dust created by cutting, drilling, grinding and sanding materials such as concrete, masonry, stone, fiberglass and other construction materials. It produces 600 CFM and features a 30 gallon canister that is easily removed for emptying. Contractors like how the unit is price considerably lower than competitive HEPA vacuums and is powered by 120 volt current. This workhorse vacuum has fewer moving parts, and no solenoids, to require less maintenance and provide more reliable performance. The AirBlast filter cleaning system can be actuated while the vacuum is running, without interrupting work; and AirBender technology enables contractors to go up to 10 times longer between filter cleanings.

How the Dustdroid™ extends cleaning intervals 10 times longer: AirBender™ technology, in the on-board cyclone, greatly increases cleaning intervals by doing a superior job of capturing dust BEFORE it reaches the HEPA filter. The AirBender™ cyclone captures 98% of airborne dust compared to typical cyclones which capture only 80%.

How AirBender™ technology works: The AirBender™ cyclonic system "bends" the air stream at the bottom of the canister, and allows 98% of the dust to settle in a large Passive Air Zone before the air moves on to the HEPA filter canister. By allowing only 2%, instead of 20%, of the dust to reach the HEPA filter, AirBender™ technology enables contractors to go 10 times longer between cleaning intervals.

Dustdroid™ 600 delivers far greater productivity: The best way to get high productivity out of any HEPA vacuum is to keep the filter clean. That doesn't mean pulsing every 15 seconds to blow dust off the pleats. It means keeping dust away from the HEPA filter to begin with. That is the way the Dustdroid™300 HEPA Vacuum, with Air-Bender™ technology, increases productivity.

The truth about pulse cleaning: Pulse cleaning every 15 seconds is hard on HEPA filters. Violent bursts of air explode - thrusting abrasive granules against the delicate filter material, damaging the microscopic fibers and shortening the HEPA filter's life. Dustdroid™ vacuums are much kinder to your HEPA filters, requiring pulsing 1, instead of, 240 times each hour.

Why the Dustdroid™ requires less maintenance: The moving parts associated with automated pulse-cleaning systems (solenoids) are subject to frequent breakdowns. Dustdroid™ vacuums have no solenoids - only mechanical switches - proven to be reliable when exposed to constant vibration, dust and other harsh conditions.

Fast and easy cleaning: Simply pull and release the AirBlast™ handle to blast/clean the HEPA filter. A handy console gauge tells you when airflow is dropping and it is time to blast/clean. Typically, once or twice a day does the trick, and it can be done without stopping work. In the heaviest dust creating applications, once an hour may be required. It's fast; it's simple, and it's more gentle on your HEPA filter.

  • 120v (2 circuits) or 240v (1 circuit) - Convenient power source.
  • 600 CFM - collects dust from ANY size equipment.
  • AirBender™ on-board cyclone - captures 98% of dust to extend HEPA filter life.
  • Extended filter cleaning intervals - go 10 times longer between cleanings.
  • Filter gauge - tells you when to clean filters.
  • AirBlast™ cleans filters while vacuum is running - increase productivity.
  • Modular components are light weight - transport with ease.
  • Certified HEPA filters - meet government guidelines.
  • Plastic bags - control hazardous dust more effectively.
  • Wheeled cyclone canister - fast and easy emptying.
  • Reliable design with NO solenoids - reduce maintenance.
  • Handy beverage holder.
  • Tangential air bypass cooling - extend motor life.
  • 30 or 50 gallon (optional) wheeled separator drums- increase capacity.
  • Docking station attaches to truck or trailers, includes tie down strap.
  • 3" port (outer diameter).

    Works with the following combinations of equipment:

  • 1 Large walk behind, 30" diameter and above, regardless of shrouding.
  • 2 Large walk behinds, 30" diameter and above, that are shrouded well (rubber, not metal).
  • 3 Small walk behinds, from 7" to 20" diameter.
  • 2 Medium walk behinds, from 20" to 29" diameter, and 2 hand grinders.
  • 4 Hand grinders with 2 small walk-behinds, from 7" to 20" diameter.
  • 8 Hand grinders, depending on hose diameter.

  • Motor: Dual 2.1 HP Tangential bypass.
  • Power: 3120 watts.
  • Voltage: Dual 120v 50/60hz input or 240v single phase 50/60hz with neutral. Cords not included.
  • Amperage: 120v 13 amps each input.
  • 240v 13 amps single input.
  • Water lift: 70 in.
  • CFM: 624.
  • Peak/amps: 13 amps. 15.5 peak.
  • Watts: 1753.
  • Noise level: 79 DB.
  • Stage Motor: 1 stage motor 120V.
  • Filter: 31.19 SQFT.
  • Efficiency Rating: 99.97% Efficient @ 0.3 Micron.
  • Filtration: Certified HEPA rated 99.97% @ .3 micron with AirBender™ Cyclone.
  • Hose: 2.5" x 25' standard, 3"x25' hose optional for large grinder.
  • Dimensions: 64"L x 70"H x 45"W.